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Moistureproof protective paint for PCB (Confomer Coating)

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1. Manufacturer
Universe Rich(HK) Limited
2. Ingredient
1) Polyurethane(PU)                       60.0(Min.)
2) Mixed solvent                           38.0(Max.)
3) Additive                                2.0(Max)
3. Hazardous identification
The assessment of hazardous is based on the ingredient of this kind product, also this may cause injury to your eyes.
4. First aid treatment
Suggestion:Use large amount of soap water for wash, and use life-support machine along with you to carry out self-protection measure.
Inhalation:If under weak state, bring the suffer to open place with the medical help.
Skin exposure:Use the clean water and soap for cleaning.
Eye injury:Use the clean water to remove the particle, and then add to some eyedrop, if still feel uncomfortable, go to hospital.
Further treatment:it is strongly to carry out symptomatic treatment.
5. Fire protection
If encounter fire, it is possible to release poisonous、irritative and flammable steam.
Fire-fighting measure: use water spray、foam or dry powder or CO2 for solution.
Protective measure: when on fire, the personals related should wear self-equipped protector of respiration and protection suit.
6. Leakage disposal
Individual prevention: make your eyes and skin away from this paint.
Environment protection: forbidden to let the overflowing and wasted thing flow into the water drain of city and the natural river.
Cleaning measure: clean the ground and put the wasted thing into ash-bin.
7. Operation and storage
Operation: Place it in dry and ventilated position and away from your eye、skin and clothes; in addition, carry out cleaning completely and keep the container closed, also do not breath in steam; Besides, there will be static charge accumulated between the transfer equipment and receiving vessel, so it is necessary to be connected with ground reliably .
Condition of storage: due to flammable feature, so if placed inside room, the automatic water spray device should be equipped, in addition, all the metal vessels should be connected with ground reliably in the process of storage and operation.
Storage temp: Normal temp
More information: when in the process of operation, the monomeric steam can come into being. Please refer to Chapter 8 for the details of the ventilation requirements.
8. Act control/Individual protection
Act control: the total dust limit:  Total dust limit when contact: MAC 10mg/m3
           The breath limit when contact: MAC 5mg/m3
Eye protection: protective eyeglass with side cover
Hand protection: Cotton glove or canvas glove
Breathing system protection: when there is need to use respirator in working environment, it is necessary to implement one breath protection regulation like occupational safety and healthy requirements ;if the consistence in air is lower than the one listed in above, there is no need to use any thing, just wear organic gas filtration box and air-purifying respirator with filtration paper.
Protective measures: it is strongly recommended to equip eyewash station in the place where use this material.
Project control: in the place with dust or fog, it is necessary to use local ventilated equipment.
9. Chemi-physical characteristics
Appearance: air colour or straw yellow transparency liquid
Odour: like alcohols solvent
Specific gravity: 0.85-0.95
Solubility: insoluble in water, dissolved in esters、ketone and aromatic series solvent and so on.
10. Stability and reactivity
Stability: stable
 Reactivity: unable to bring about polyreaction
11. Toxicology information
Acute toxicity(Organo-silicone rubber):
Rat oral LD50:11400 mg/kg。
Rabbit skin test LD50:> 20 ml/kg。
Carcinogenicity: not on IARC cancerogen list
Irritability:No irritation and anaphylactic reaction when exposed to skin.
12. Safety disposal
Please carry out the relative disposal according the stage or local regulations and laws
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